Terrance (Terry) C. Leavey
Senior Systems Engineering Consultant
13763 Granada Dr *** Magalia, California 95954-9017
(530) 877-4173 *** FAX:
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April 12, 1998
Disciplines: Management, Leadership and Organization Communications and Public Relations Systems and Applications Programming Computer Operations and Hardware.
Honors and
Listed in Who's Who in the West; Recipient of the Jefferson Davis Medal from the United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1988; Service Award from the City of Phoenix, 1988; Presidents Honor Roll, Rio Salado College, Spring & Fall 1984.
Community Service: Leavey Foundation for Historic Preservation, Inc. Chairman of the Board, 1988-; Ray Herbeck Productions, Advisory Board 1988-; Rosemont Productions, "Ironclad's", Historic/Re-Enactor Staff, August 1990; Glory Productions, Historic/Re-Enactor Staff, April 1989; Arizona Civil War Council, Inc., Board of Directors 1984-1988, President 1986-1988; 125th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, Historic Staff, June 1988; Electric Horseman, Horse Club, Start Up Chairman 1988; YMCA Camera Club, Phoenix Chapter, President 1982-1984.
Education: Educational emphasis has included Computer Programming, Systems Programming and Management. I hold a "Certificate in Business Practices" from Rio Salado College. Classes have been at traditional colleges, business colleges, technical classes and seminars.
Duties: My major computer duties for the past ten years have been in the areas of selection, design and support of PC Hardware, Operating Systems and Software, as well as building custom computers. Prior to that I spent seventeen years involved with Program Products and DASD Management. I have lead or been involved with projects for selection, design, development and implementation of; DASD Management, Disaster Recovery, Offsite Storage, Shared Resource Management, Quality Control Procedures and Programming Standards used by Software Development Groups for program development and testing. I have also held responsibility for direct and technical support of program products, as well as installation and maintenance. These program products have included; Abendaid, Cobol, DMS/OS, Fortran, Mark IV, Mark V, Panvalet, plotter routines, PL/1, Roscoe, SAS, SDSI, STAM, Syncsort and more. I have also written utility programs, common subroutines and exits in various languages.

Before becoming a Systems Programmer, I was a Commercial Programmer, Scientific Programmer and Computer Operator. As a programmer, I was responsible for the design, programming, testing, implementation, maintenance and support of a wide variety of business and scientific applications. The business functions included Accounting, County Records, Financial Planning, Hospital Records, Inventory Control, Payroll and other applications. Scientific programming areas included feed formulations using linear programming and agriculture modeling.

During my career I have also been a store manager, photographer, historian / historical resource manager, livestock handler, heavy equipment operator, band leader and musician.

Special Attributes: Dedication to the job and desire to do the best job possible. Excellent analytical skills, organizational skills and spatial concepts. I have a very diverse background and education.
Main Frame: Hardware: Latest: IBM 3090-200, 3084 & 4341
Prior: IBM 3081, 370's, 360's, 1130, Amdahl V7, Data General MV-8000, Univac 1108
Languages: Bal, Basic, Cobol, Fortran, SAS and RPG.
Products: CICS, DMS/OS, ISMF, ISPF, JCL, Panvalet, Roscoe, Script, SDSI, STAM, Syncsort, TSO, UCC1, VSAM.
Op. Sys.: Latest: MVS/XA, VM
Prior: OS/VS1, DOS
Peripherals: Unit record, tape, cartridge, DASD and terminals.
PC: Hardware: Current: 286's, 386's, 486's, 5x86's, Pentium's, Pentium Xeon's & AMD (K6 MMX & K6-2 3D)
Prior: Macintosh SE
Languages: Basic, HTML
Products: (Installation & Use): AOL, Bigmouth, Corel Draw, Dbase, Diskeeper, FoxPro, FrontPage, ICB 2000, Internet Explorer, Landmark Certify, Netscape Navigator, Norton Utilities (NT), PC-Probe & Win Probe, Pacioli Accounting & Payroll, PC Tools Deluxe, Corel Photo Paint, Photo Magic, Printshop, Prodigy, QEMM, Corel Ventura, Webmin, WinBench, Winstone, Wintune, Wordperfect.
Op. Sys.: (Installation & Use): MS DOS, OS/2, Windows (3.x, 98, NT Workstation & Server, Small Business Server), Internet Information Server, FreeBSD, Apache, FrontPage Extensions
Peripherals: (Installation & Use) Fax/Modem (Analog & DSL), Phone Controller, Hard Drives, Caching Controllers, CD-ROM, Tape Drives, Scanners, Mouse, Networks (NIC's, Bridges, Hubs, Switches), Sound Cards and Printers (Laser, Ink Jet and Dot Matrix)
Employment History
Leavey Foundation for Historic Preservation, Inc. - CEO - Phoenix, Arizona
September 1988 through Current
1 Intellectual Experiment - COO - Phoenix, Arizona
February 1999 through Current. Webmaster, Network and Hardware design and maintenance 
Arizona Public Service - Operating Systems - Phoenix, Arizona
October 1981 through September 1989. Systems Programmer in Program Products and DASD Management
Computer Sciences Corp - Medical Project - Sacramento, California
September 1978 through September 1981. Systems Programmer in Program Products and DASD Management
Cody Enterprises - Merced, California
June 1976 through May 1978. Store Manager - Radio and Electronics, Sales and Service
County of Merced, California - Merced, California
January 1973 through June 1976. Computer Programmer/Operator
Favier Cattle Company - Merced, California
August 1971 through June 1972. Livestock Handler
73 Ranch - Deeth, Nevada
June 1971 through July 1971. Heavy Equipment Operator
American Information Development - San Francisco, California
October 1970 through January 1971 and March 1971 through May 1971. Computer Consultant
Computer Sciences Corporation - Los Angeles, California
February 1970 through August 1970. Computer Technical Assistant, Operating Systems Development
Williams Turkey Breeding Farms - Oakdale, California
February 1969 through January 1970. Commercial and Scientific Programmer

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